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Your privacy is important to us 

We value your trust and we’re committed to protecting and safeguarding any personal data you give us as well as we want to be transparent about our processing of your personal data. 

Personal data is information that can identify you as a person, such as an email address, street address, phone number, etc. 
What kind of personal data do we process? 

Personal data we process could be: 

  • Basic personal information such as name, address, telephone number, email 
  • User and traffic information such as ID, username, and IP address 
  • Information you have uploaded or provided such as photos, comments/text 
  • Information sent to us through job applications 

We do not process sensitive personal data 
Why do we process personal data? 

This Privacy Statement applies when we process your personal data for various purposes when you interact with us, such as: 

Provide offers and deliver: 

  • Provide requested offers on products and services to our customers 
  • Facilitate customer orders, agreements, payments 
  • Offer services directly to you, such as e-learning, webinars, reports, etc. 
  • Create and facilitate accounts for users of our services 

Processed in our services: 

  • Information regarding how personal data is processed in one of our services is outlined in the respective data processing agreement for that service. We do in such cases act as a data processor and processes the data on behalf of and according to instructions given by the customer. For more information regarding this, please contact customer support for that specific service. 


  • Offer customer support for our products and services 


  • Manage and send marketing content 
  • Promote relevant products and services 

How do we collect personal data? 

We collect personal data directly from you or other persons linked to our customers. If you buy products and services or work for one of our customers, we may collect information about you as a data processor according to instructions given by the customer. 

We will also use cookies and other tracking technologies when you use our websites and interact with us via email, to optimize your experience of our sites. 

In some cases, we may also collect information about you from other sources. These sources may be marketing partners, public sources, or social networks. 

Legal basis for processing your personal data 

We process personal data based on the following legal grounds. 

Agreement with you: 

  • We process your personal data based on an agreement with you. This is typically the situation when you are a jobseeker. 

Your consent: 

  • We might process your personal data based on consent. We ask for your consent to e.g. send you marketing information according to marketing legislation. You will always be able to opt out, after you have given your consent. 

Legitimate interest: 

  • We have a legitimate interest when we process your data for marketing, support and education purposes, or when you act as customer contact or potential customers. Your personal data is processed from a business perspective in a manner that we believe does not interfere with your privacy rights. 


We uses sub-processors to process personal data, typically vendors of cloud services or other IT hosting services. 

When using sub-processors, we will enter into a data processing agreement to safeguard your privacy rights. For information on sub-processors, please contact customer support. 
Your rights

You have the right to request an overview of the personal data we process about you, to request that we corrects inaccuracies in your personal data and you have the right to request deletion, restrict or object to our processing of your personal data. 

Finally, you also have a right to complain to the data protection authorities with regards to our processing of your personal data. 

You have the right to opt out of receiving marketing communications and may do so by either: 

Contact us 
We value your opinion. If you have any comments or questions about our Privacy Statement, please send them to

We will handle your questions or requests confidentially. Our support will contact you to address your concerns or complaints in an appropriate manner.