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Integrated Channel Manager

Manage OTA and GDS channels directly from SPECTRA

The integrated Channel Manager automatically sends inventory update to all connected OTAs and GDSs after every change in the reservations or room status. SPECTRA can support delta changes (event based) and not only scheduled updates. This fully prevent the overbooking risk.

The distribution of the rates and restrictions also does everything automatically and you don’t have to worry about rate parity, changing dynamic rates, restrictions like min. LOS or stop sell.

The reservations are instantly downloaded and can be handled just like other reservations.

You don’t have to manage the channels in an external channel manager just let SPECTRA take care of this.

SPECTRA Channel Manager maximizes the revenue

The integrated Channel Manager helps you sell the last rooms even late cancellation. Depending on demand SPECTRA can automatically raise the rates for the last available rooms or set restrictions for eg. min. LOS or stop sell, so less attractive channels are closed before others.