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SPECTRA SYSTEMS is a leader in Scandinavia in software solutions for the Hospitality industry - hotels, conferences - and holiday centers, resorts and restaurants - both independent properties and group chains.

We offer a unique combination of business understanding and cutting-edge expertise in software development at international level. We also have extensive experience in testing, release, deployment and operation of software in the public cloud - Microsoft Azure as well as hybrid cloud solutions that ensure high availability around the clock 365 days a year.

SPECTRA SYSTEMS is actively involved in the development of digital solutions that rapidly change the Hospitality industry towards increased efficiency in daily operations as well as improve the guests' experience and engagement when they visit our customers.

We are 35 employees - and we are recruiting.


Through our vision, we express an ambitious description of what we would like to achieve in the future. It is intended to serve as a clear guide for choosing current and future courses of action. Knowing that vision is one of the most important cornerstones of SPECTRA SYSTEMS business, without our vision we do not know where we are going.

It is SPECTRA SYSTEMS vision to be a leading supplier of easy-to-use software solutions for the Hospitality industry in Scandinavia and the surrounding countries.

SPECTRA SYSTEMS must win recognition for being the leading supplier in terms of technical competence and business understanding, as well as the ability to deliver functional and operationally stable solutions that strengthen our customers' competitiveness.


We have three overarching sets of values ​​that we cherish. These values ​​are fundamental to the company and should thus characterize the way we act towards customers, colleagues and business partners in general.

Our customers and employees must feel that SPECTRA SYSTEMS is a trustworthy company. We only gain credibility by doing what we promise or otherwise creates expectations of.

Credibility is fundamental to mutual cooperation with our customers and to SPECTRA SYSTEMS as a healthy workplace.

Results and earnings
We must be proud of what we do and that our efforts make a difference. The combination of technical IT competence and business understanding means that we have a large company-specific advantage in the market.

The results we achieve with our customers are measured based on their success with the solutions we provide, their financial benefits and customer satisfaction. We measure our results in relation to employees on the basis of the development of our competencies and in terms of earnings on the basis of our financial statements.

Team spirit and presence
The feeling of being part of a team as an employee of SPECTRA SYSTEMS has great value for our cohesion and the ability to carry out the tasks together.

We encourage that the competences of our employees are united and that diversity functions as an asset in relation to our breadth of competences. We must be present to our colleagues regarding both working life and leisure time.

Team spirit and presence towards our customers do we see as the counterpart to the feeling as a customer being ignored or forgotten. By presence is meant that we are actively involved in our customers' business and that we are available in the ongoing contact.


SPECTRA SYSTEMS' overall strategy is to be able to offer competitive IT solutions through high competence and to expand current and establish new business relationships with companies within SPECTRA SYSTEMS' market area.

Successes that pay off
Through our competences, we are able to assess and present to our customers which solutions can be successful and which cannot.

When we gladly receive an order for a new solution, we also undertake to make great efforts to make the solution a success in both the customer's and our own business. Under the concept of success, we also consider that the solution must be a financially sound investment for our customer in the form of increased operational stability, efficiency, new revenue opportunities or the like.

Full responsibility for all customers
The company SPECTRA SYSTEMS is built on a foundation of solid and long-lasting relationships with our customers. At the same time, we recognize that our solutions are of vital importance to the customer's business at both strategic and operational levels. We undertake to take full responsibility for this fact regardless of the size of the customer, as it is our values and not the economic value of the customer that is the motivation for this.

The good references and the satisfied customers
SPECTRA SYSTEMS has good references among very reputable companies in all of our market areas - we welcome this. But more importantly, our ongoing monitoring is aimed at any less satisfied customers.

In the hour of truth, every business must recognize that from time to time situations arise where a customer is left with a negative experience of an incident. In these situations, we are prepared to go very far to regain our good relationship with the customer. Our efforts to create good references are thus never at the expense of maintaining good relationships with all our customers.

Every company must recognize that from time to time situations arise where a customer is left with a negative experience.  In these situations, we are prepared to go very far to regain our good relationship with the customer. Our efforts aimed at creating good references are thus never at the expense of maintaining good relations with all customers.