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When you invest in one of our SPECTRA products, the corresponding software service agreement gives you access to the market's broadest range of services.

SPECTRA hotline support is open 24/7 - 365 days a year. Although, from an experience point of view, the need rarely arises, it is a great confidence that the assistance is always within reach.

In our support department you will be served by people with many years of experience in the hotel and travel industry, supplemented by a technical education at SPECTRA SYSTEMS.


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SPECTRA's user-friendly structure enables everyone to operate the basic functions of the system after a few hours of training.

This is a great advantage especially for new employees in the company.

Users who have a deep understanding of the advanced facilities of SPECTRA are offered courses of several days duration.

In connection with the implementation of SPECTRA, it is recommended that the training is held in the company. The planning of the training course is done in collaboration with the customer, taking into account the working areas and prior knowledge of the individual user groups.

In addition, open courses are offered where users can sign up for the parts of the system that have their particular interest. The open courses also offer the opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues from other companies.

All courses are held by experienced system consultants, all of whom have many years of experience with SPECTRA supplemented with industry experience.


Software development

Today, SPECTRA SYSTEMS has the largest development center among Scandinavian-based suppliers of hotel, conference and restaurant systems. We have no less than 15 full-time system developers who are solely engaged in system development - and more are on the way.

This significant investment in product development provides our customers with proven benefits in terms of functionality, operational stability and technological capabilities that SPECTRA is only offering.

In our system development, we have cutting-edge expertise in leading software technologies focusing on Microsoft Visual Studio .NET implemented in object- and service-oriented architectures, including Web services. SPECTRA SYSTEMS has many years of experience with the .NET framework as a development platform from the very early beginnings of the Beta edition and has therefore pioneered operational applications in this technology.

Contained in the software service agreement, we offer program updates several times a year with general improvements to SPECTRA.

Online Support

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