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CRM Marketing

Valuable information about your customers and leads

It is important to be in the guest's consciousness and involve the guest in your company and the experiences you offer. SPECTRA's CRM Marketing System is a unique tool that supports such ongoing communication.

The handling of leads is an integral part of guest / customer profiles. New members / leads / customers are created in the customer database as soon as the customer shows his interest, an offer / reservation is created for the customer, alternatively of course if leads are created manually or via lead databases.

Relationships with contacts are documented on an ongoing basis, including their areas of interest, buying pattern as well as many other valuable information.

Valuable information about your customers and leads


Determine the target audience with great precision


Targeted communication

Customers and leads are selected with great precision on the basis of more than 75 selection criteria that can be freely combined. Degrees of detail from the top group level to the smallest subsidiaries divided into contact persons and of course also individual private guests.

When the target group is specified, you can easily send information or e.g. generate tasks for this for later follow-up.