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Revenue Management

Leverage the power of industry-leading revenue management algorithms seamlessly integrated with SPECTRA Revenue Management system

SPECTRA is a certified IDeaS G3 integration partner and we can help you to quickly reach new levels of profitability with automated revenue management solutions. The results of continuous analysis of real-time data coming from the system, competitors, plus historical statistics are used to instantaneously update the rates.

No more spreadsheets, guessing and human errors – set the optimal rates at any given time based on precision and predictability.



Increase RevPAR

Utilize accurate forecasts and distribute optimal pricing, restrictions and inventory control and overbooking decisions at the room type and rate code level to drive optimal revenue performance across segments.

Focus on strategy

Automated analysis, forecasting, pricing and controls allow you to focus on strategy.

Your rate strategy at a glance

With the powerful rate calendar, it is convenient to manage rates in different rate and revenue levels with restrictions. You can control all necessary changes depending on the demand in different periods and days.

Rates, rategroups and rate levels

Easily create rate plans with differently priced weekend days for different date periods or seasons.

Advanced rate restrictions
Enhance your revenue management through rate restrictions. They can operate at different levels – rate level, specific days, rate groups and room types. Take advantage of the wide range of restrictions possible – eg. closed, closed for arrival, closed for departure, Length of stay, stay through and advance booking.

Availability adaptable rates
Availability adaptable rates can automatically change room prices for each day depending on availability. The setup is easy - simply add availability levels and corresponding open / close restrictions.