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Hotel Management System

Rates and rooms availability
- the perfect sales tool

It has never been easier to find the best offer for a guest. You get detailed information about available rooms and rates. Various filters make the searches as specific as you need and each phone call or Online search is most likely converted into a reservation.

When rates, offers / promotions, negotiated rates and restrictions are updated in the system this information is immediately available to everyone, including Online Booking and Channel Management.

You can work with dynamic rates, various packages in this proactive sales tool, which easily checks and shows all available rooms, rates and restrictions as well as company agreements (negotiated rates). There are no better tools available enabling your staff to upsell - a luxury room at a tempting rate or a SPA package.

Book with a single click
You select the desired package / room type and with one click you create a reservation.

The perfect sales tool


Graphic room calendar


Graphic room calendar

The graphical room calendar is an interactive overview of rooms, dates and reservations enriched with information that optimizes the occupancy based on room properties and reservation status.

The individual days can be marked with colors manually or dynamically by the Revenue Management system, just as information about events, etc. can be entered as a reminder.

All rooms are showed with their numbers / names, types and status - whether they are ready for new guests or need to be cleaned. Different colors of the reservations show their status for your convenience. You define the status as you wish, including whether they are tentative or definitive - relevant for the analysis / forecast system. Further details are available in the right-click menu.

Start and move a reservation in a click
Create a reservation with a single click on the date you want to book - the room type or number. You can also move a reservation to another room if you need to change the assigned room of the reservation.


Reservations and guest / customer profiles
- organizes the booking process

Create new reservations easily and quickly. The customer profiles are an integrated part of the process with all the details, just as to-do tasks can be added. Accommodation and other services on the reservations are posted on the bills automatically.

It is very easy to organize the whole booking process; Check the availability of the rooms and choose the best offer, create a new reservation, send a confirmation with a payment link that collects credit card information for collection of deposit or as a guarantee for later payment in case of no-show.

Tasks and notes
Tasks and notes facilitate communication with guests and between hotel staff. They inform about customer wishes about meals and cleaning and works as a to-do / follow-up list.


Guest / customer profiles


Central Booking for hotel grops / chains

The Central Booking feature is a versatile tool that helps you find the best deals, keep track of price changes at dynamic prices and make sales across the hotels in the chain.

Enter dates, number of guests, location and purpose - weekend stays, spa, promotions, company agreement etc. and Central Booking show availability at all hotels in the area.

If the desired hotel is fully booked, you will easily find alternatives at your other hotels as you can see all the hotels with their rooms and prices / packages. Choose the best offer and book.


Room assignment and check-in

It's easy to get an overview of the available rooms by room type and properties as well as to assign a room while creating a new reservation.

Auto-assignment of rooms
There is no need to check the list of available rooms and assign all rooms manually. The auto-assign feature does the job in few seconds, including handling the auto-upgrade to another room type if the booked one is not available.

Automatic notifications when the room is ready
Automatic change of cleaning status in real time when house-keeping has the room ready in Mobile Team & Task Assistant so the guest can check in directly. This is an extremely useful feature when the front desk has guests waiting at the front desk to be checked in or walk-in guests who want a room right away.


Check out
- checkout & charge extra services

SPECTRA automatically generates bills for all types of stays ready at departure / check-out. Extra services can be charged to the invoice or settled separately via the built-in charging module. As an alternative the Point-of-Sale system is fully integrated with the cashier module and bills are easily transferred to it.

Cash, bill / invoice handling
If the guest wants the bill divided into several separate bills this can be done automatically routing instructions defined in the reservation. If the guest informs about this later at check-out the charges are easily divided and moved between the different bills belonging to the same reservation.

Settlement can take place in all kind of payment; cash, credit card or invoice including electronic invoicing in various formats.

SPECTRA generates the bookkeeping and inventory transactions. When the room is checked-out, the status of the room is immediately changed to checked-out in the Mobile Team & Task Assistant.

Mobile check-out
SPECTRA let your guests use their smartphone to check in or out, without having to wait in line at the front desk. The guest can check the bill and pay immediately.